A Few Nights Room and Board

A wild jungle seen on an island after shipwrecking from above by a castaway warrior woman.

A Few Nights Room and Board

There is an island from which some people never return. The locals know the reason but they won't tell. The only thing anyone knows about this place for sure is that a band of outlaws and cutthroats are hiding out in the area. It is not a place most people want to find themselves in.

Of course, you are not most people. An oath over drinks one evening around the fire with close friends. A commitment to leave your homeland together and to never return until you have found fame and wealth.

All you need is a few nights room and board to get started.


Recommended specs: GTX 1060 or above


Prior to this game jam, I had what I hoped was the foundation for a game written: a character controller, an ability system, a test level, a test character, some animations, and some experimental systems.

The idea was to use the jam to see whether what I had could be built upon to create a fun playable game, and to get as much feedback as possible.

Partial Credits

Incredible soundtrack by Marma: https://www.marmamusic.com/

Special thanks to @xansd for help with game design, the script, and level design. Thanks to 2 talented friends for voice acting help. Programming, some simple modelling, and game/level design by myself. Art is mostly 3rd party, and Unreal Engine is by Epic Games.

Special thanks also to The Messy Coder for hosting a wonderful Discord, Youtube channel, Twitch steams, and wonderful game jams

warrior woman looks into distance at night near a lighthouse by torchlight

About the Author

I'm Nathan. Contract game developer and full stack software developer. E.I.T. Writer. Tabletop RPG designer. Artist. Likes dogs.