Messy Jam Prototype

A wild jungle seen on an island after shipwrecking from above by a castaway warrior woman.

Messy Jam Prototype

In the distant past, villages were once being destroyed by a race of monsters from the sea with unknown aims. Warriors and Refugees take to their boats in search of lands that are safe, where they can recoup and regather.

This is one of those safe harbours. As you accept a risky group of refugees into your midst, can you find a way to trust them and to prepare for the fish men by building defences?

Recommended specs: GTX 960 or above

Notes About Development

This was made as part of an 11 day game jam in order to make a quick prototype of a village builder game

warrior woman looks into distance at night near a lighthouse by torchlight

About the Author

I'm Nathan. Contract game developer and full stack software developer. E.I.T. Writer. Tabletop RPG designer. Artist. Likes dogs.